Meet your clip art replacement

Jumpstart your designs and images with PicMonkey’s graphic overlays. We’ve got over a thousand to resize, re-layer, recolor, and otherwise bend to your will, plus crystal quality at any size.
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Photo graphics

Clip art is cool and all, but our overlays are downright arctic. Always vetted for quality, you won’t find these images just anywhere.

Freeze! >

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Free vectors

Our library of free overlays numbers over a thousand (or, in science terms, “more than you can shake a stick at”).

Shake it, shake it >

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PicMonkey overlays are like potato chips: it’s hard to stop at just one. Layer ‘em together and adjust each one to your heart’s content.

Pile ’em on >

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Get overlays bigger than a beauty queen’s hair or itsy-bitsy-spider small. Our overlays scale infinitely for crisp quality at any size.

Zoom in >

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Our labels make images look pro-er than pro. Or old-timier than old-timey. Or grungier than plaid. Choose a label to suit your look.

Make your mark >

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Seasonal clip art

We’ve got Santa hats, Halloween overlays to heebie your jeebies, and oh, have we got doily hearts. For every season, our overlays are on it.

Holiday it up >

Better living through overlays

At work and play, our overlays are icing on the delicious cupcake of your creativity. Try them in these simple DIY projects for a look you’ll love.


Reclaim monograms from the arthritic hands of the hoity-toity. Our tutorial shows you how to craft your own, using simple shape overlays and the aristocratic power of initials.

Place cards

Set your table in style with printable DIY place cards. Made with the help of our Labels overlays, they’re just the thing for holiday meals, birthday parties, and other fanciful occasions.