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Because words deserve to look good too. Try PicMonkey's text editor to find all the fonts you need.

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Add text to photos

Get the best-dressed text

Our flexible font tool makes you typographer-in-chief of your images. Explore our wide selection of fonts and learn how to get more from your verbiage. Add text to your pic with PicMonkey.

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Access all your fonts

We’ve got fonts for any occasion, but if your heart’s set on one of your own, don’t fret: you can access all your fonts right in PicMonkey.

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Text effects

Stand out with a trifecta of text effects: Drop Shadow, Knockout, and Inner Shadow. Each one adjusts to perfection using simple sliders.

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Design a watermark

Take credit for your work with a custom watermark. Our personable fonts and smart color picker offer a wealth of ways to assert yourself.

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Inspirational quotes

A picture’s worth a thousand … you get it. Add text to photos to complement your favorite quotations. As Abraham Lincoln once said: “YOLO!”

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Customized greeting cards

Hallmark, schmallmark: use our text tool to create customized greeting cards and graphics, and say exactly what you’re thinking.

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Text mask

Plain text is sooooo passe. Fill text with an image instead, for a look that’s fresh, exciting, and—thanks to PicMonkey—totally attainable.

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Add text to a photo

Make a striking graphic statement in just a few minutes by adding text to an image. Our web app makes it easy to write on your pictures. Here’s how:

  1. Open your chosen photo in PicMonkey and click the Text tab. You’ll see a list of fabulous fonts: pick one of ours, or choose from fonts on your computer by clicking “Yours.”
  2. Click the “Add Text” button. A box appears on your photo with the words “Type your text here.”
  3. Adjust font size, color, and alignment in the Text palette. You can even rotate the text box by grabbing the corner handles.

Visual learner? Watch our video.