Add text to photos

Add Text to Photos

Make stunning visuals for your biz (or just because) when you add text to photos. Pick a pic, then put our intuitive tools and collection of fonts to work.

Get the best-dressed text

Our text tool makes you typographer-in-chief. Add text to your photo, try effects, watermark it up—whatever you wanna do, boss.

Access all your fonts

Explore our collection of over 150 fonts for all occasions. You can also easily access every font you have saved to your computer right in PicMonkey.

Unlock all the fonts

Text effects

Stand out with a trifecta of text effects: Drop Shadow, Knockout, and Inner Shadow. Each one adjusts to perfection using simple sliders.

Deck your text

Curved text

Arc-ify your words or go totally circular in seconds with our easy-to-use curved text tool. Add text effects to your curved words for extra oomph.

Curves ahead

How to add text to a photo:

1. Open your photo in the PicMonkey Editor.

2. Head to the Text tab (Tt icon) on the left-hand side.

3. Choose from our collection of fonts, or click Yours to access any font saved to your computer.

4. Click the Add text button at the top of the tab, then type your words in the box that appears.

5. Use the Text palette to change your font size, color, add text effects, and more.

Words and pics have never looked so good

We have alllll the tools and tutorials you need to make inspiring photo/text combos whenever, wherever.

Word watermarks

Claim your fab photos with a watermark. Just add your brand’s name to your pic, adjust the Fade, and say “Image thieves, be gone!”

Make your mark

Add text to photos anywhere

The PicMonkey mobile app is full of beauteous fonts waiting for your on-the-go photos. Make masterpieces wherever you roam!

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Photo-ify your text

Plain text is sooooo passe. Fill text with an image instead! This look is fresh, exciting, and surprisingly simple to make. What are you waiting for?

Mask it