Make a Logo

How to create a logo that’ll amp your brand:

1. Head to PicMonkey

Go to and open a blank canvas. Any size will do.

2. Design your logo

Create a logo with our graphics and fonts, or use your own.

3. Go transparent

Go to Canvas Color and check the Transparent canvas box.

4. Export

Export your logo to your computer, if you wanna. Don’t forget to add it to all of your designs!

Get your brand aesthetic on lock

Continue your branding adventure by making a brand board, business cards, social images, and more. Our customizable templates help you do it all (and keep your look consistent).

Make a logo and master visual branding

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Choose the right fonts, fast

Fonts say a lot about a brand. Make sure you’re sending the right message.

Find your fonts

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Create with curved text

Give your logo a high-end look with curved text (it’s easier than you think!).

Round your words

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Start your brand off right

New to this whole branding thing? We gotchu. Here’s what you need to know.

Build your brand 

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Make your logo, your way

Learn about the different ways to create a logo with our tools, and pick your fav.

Get the guide

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Design like a pro

Master our easy-to-use design tool in minutes, then create something stunning.

Read the tool-torial

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Use our graphics, or yours

Add interest to your design with our original graphics, or BYO to the logo party.

Learn about graphics